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huawei mate xs 5g

huawei mate xs 5g

Greetings eat Well found on our YouTube channel these days my enthusiasm goes somewhere up in the stratosphere Why Because I am ahead with awei mate x S And as a technology enthusiast Of course, the person who grew up with her because When I was a kid Or phones with touchscreen there was only radio And the TV Mp3 player 128 m Something like that Assistants I did not believe in the teican two-handed phone So that you can't escape on foot And getting dust for me was more important than not breaking the phone if you were still punished on the nede in which you let go Moving forward to 2020 Look, I have a folding screen phone in front of me Never thought again I'll put my hand on it Well this is something I hadn't thought about two years ago correctly to have phones that fold and so on I won't have a deadline Comparison because the fund did not reach me but Huawei Mate x is here Let's see about

 Why this is Before opening the box, I must notify you that this is not the Little model so What is in this box or is not in this box It may or may not be part of the model on the market by the way we do not have a Play Store We have to scratch I have so little To see how we make it work BRD forget about all Don't forget to subscribe and activate notifications and then enter  Slash Giveaway to register for the contest Before moving on to our business Our programming colleagues need help so if you are good at programming or have a friend who He is good at programming And you click and or share the link in the description and Maybe who It's gonna be us Colleagues please You will be with them In that area Let's look a little And over with The box is a black box It is very qualitative We have a 512 strong cardboard Gigabyte RAM 8GB RAM color itself momentum Stellar Blue Dual sim And as I said Earlier there is a beer Test There is a version of Sale Let's put the lid aside Let's see what we find ugly In the first  It is the Huawei headphones that sound great Or USB plug Because this model does not have Jack Part Even here probabilistic Office supplies Pool stationery that Lips Over Okay here

Finally we have A USB cable USB type What about USB type c So the charger is coming Top He certainly will have USB type what good now let's turn our attention to the phone What phone is the tablet E hybrid It's a foldable phone Foldable phone A concept Who were born last year and of course dreamed of him for some time now Let's start with the fact that being a fingerprint magnet is good because oil It is covered with plastic So he can facilitate it It's good That move But more about the look This After talking about building materials First of all we have this aluminum on the frame Extraordinary histogram of nature We have aluminum on the back of the hinge And obviously we also have a protective film It is advisable not to drop it when unboxing when using your phone Funds for the first time as thickness is 5.4 mm so In the This information And folded It is 11 mm Maybe

it's a phone and a half Because of the thickness In this position It is 161 by 100 46.2 mm And so it is 161 by 78.5 mm Surprising It is Ronaldo easy to use When it is Foldable And you also want to use the keyboard How easy you get In the middle of the screen Here's how easy you can type It's like having a regular phone keypad But where I got a lot bigger the first time When you remove it from the box And you have the feeling or tendency of him in two Well look how it sounds We click on the hinge What
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